Illegal Signs 

The Town of Fairfield's zoning regulations regarding signs were developed for the safety of its residents. In Greenfield Hill, with its winding scenic roads, improperly placed roadside signs can be a hazard to motorists and pedestrians alike. In addition these signs detract from the natural beauty of the area.

Many of the illegal signs are the result of residents not knowing about the town regulations and contractors who choose to ignore these regulations. If we ignore these signs, then more and more will appear and the result will be unsafe conditions.

Here the basic rules to follow regarding signs:

  • No sign shall be more that three feet square
  • No sign shall be placed on Town roadside property
  • No sign shall be attached to any utility pole or to any town tree

Section 29.14 of the town’s Regulations for Signs states:

"The purpose of these sign regulations is to permit signs that do not confuse or obstruct the vision necessary for traffic safety or otherwise endanger public health and safety and to improve the physical appearance of commercial areas and to preserve and enhance the aesthetics of the community.

View the complete "Regulations for Signs" Section 29 of Fairfield Zoning Regulation (PDF)

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